Fall Gardening in Oklahoma

Yes, that is right, I said Fall when the Summer season just begun!

There are actually two seasons to plant a garden in NE Oklahoma, Early Spring and Mid-Summer. Aren’t we lucky? Each season requires some adjusting watering, cover, etc. but gardening in Oklahoma takes adjusting to the weather, period!

Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension has an excellent fact sheet on Fall Gardening.

Here is a list of tender and semi-hardy vegetables with planting times.

Tender Vegetables – (harvest before frost).* Many varieties will do well. Select varieties that are early maturing and disease resistant.

Beans, Bush Aug 10-20 Seed

Beans, Cowpea July 15-Aug 1 Seed

Beans, Pole July 15-30 Seed

Beans, Lima Aug 10-20 Seed

Cilantro July 15-Aug 1 Seed

Corn, Sweet

Cucumber Aug 10-20 Seed or Plants

Eggplant July 15 Plants

Pepper July 15 Plants

Pumpkin July 15-30

Summer Squash July 15-Sept 1

Winter Squash July 15-30

Tomatillo July 15 Plants

Tomatoes July 1-15 Plants

Semi-Hardy Vegetables

Broccoli July 15-Aug 15 Plants

Brussels Sprouts July 15-Aug 15 Plants

Cabbage Aug 1-25 Plants

Chinese Cabbage Aug 1-25 Seed or Plants

Carrots July 15-Aug 15 Seed

Cauliflower Aug 1-25 Plants

Collards Aug 1-Sept 1 Seed or Plants

Garlic Sept 1-Oct 15 Bulbs (cloves)

Irish Potato Aug 1-15 Seed potatoes

Kale Sept 1 Plants

Kohlrabi Sept 1 Plants

Leaf Lettuce Aug 1-15 Seed or Plants

Leek Sept 1 Seed or Plants

Mustard Sept 10-Oct 10 Seed

Onions Sept 1 Seed, Sets, or Plants

Parsnip July 15-Aug 15 Seed or Plants

Peas, green Aug 15-Sept 1 Seed

Radish Aug 15-Oct 10 Seed

Rutabaga Aug 15-Sept 15 Seed

Spinach Sept 5-25 Seed

Swiss Chard Aug 1-Sept 15 Seed

Turnip Aug 1-Sept 15 Seed

* Unless using a cold frame or row covers to extend the season.

Here is the link to the actual facts sheet.


Happy planting! Wear sunscreen and a hat while out in the garden.

Two crops of carrots can be harvested in Oklahoma



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