Kids’ Market Day

Britten Epperson and Alex Dennison

Young Vendors sought for Kid’s Market Day

Alexandria Dennison, local Nowata 2nd grader, has a lot on her “to-do” list this summer, not the least of which is to help organize the Kid’s Market Day at the Nowata County Farmers Market. Alex has always had a sense of community involvement and entrepreneurship because she has been right beside her Nana since the day the Nowata County Farmers Market opened three years ago. She began talking about having a kid’s day last year and finally got her Nana, Suzan Perkins, Nowata County Farmers Market manager, to agree.

Children and teens ages 8 and up age 17 who would like to sell their wares (hand-made crafts, baked goods and home-grown produce) Saturday, August 11th from 8:00am through 12:00 (noon) are invited to sign up for a FREE market spot. All parents/guardians of the young vendors are required to sign a release application and be on site with their children during the market day. Alex is asking that 25% of each individual’s earnings be donated to the Lenapah Playground fund and other 75% is theirs to keep. Local kids will be giving to a local community project and the young entrepreneurs will be “learning about selling and giving something at the same time,” Alex said.

Alex hopes that many other local kids will join in the fun and worthy event. Some of the items Alex will be selling are rice crispy treats, yarn potholders, homemade natural bug repellent and lemonade. Obviously not one to take the summer off, Alex’s other summer activities include learning to swim, practicing her favorite jazz dancing and writing her second children’s book.

Please come out to shop at the farmers market to support our local farmers, kids interested in business and the Lenapah Community Playground. Call 918-214-3000 for further information.


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